Friday, August 21, 2009

Safeway Adventures

On Fridays in the summer we have half days at Discovery. Truly one of the best employee benefits. Today I was deciding between going to the pool and doing my grocery shopping. It was a typical hot, humid and sunny August day but I decided since we are having company tomorrow (with an anticipated arrival around lunch time) I would get my shopping out of the way after work and hope the weather was good enough for some quality pool time on Sunday.

I stopped by the condo, picked up my coupons like a good little wife and headed off to my favorite grocery store, the King Farm Safeway. Now, many of you know there is a perfectly good Giant literally 1 block from my condo, but I prefer the Safeway that is 10 minutes away. It was my grocery store for my first 3 years in MD so it holds a special place in my heart and I can get in and out of there in world record speed. Back to the story, I arrive at Safeway and begin my shopping, I felt daring and decided to start my shopping in produce instead of the bakery this week. I know, I'm out of control.

Thirty minutes and a full cart later I made my way towards the registers. Suddenly I notice a gathering of customers with carts near the doors. It was then that I saw the torrential downpour happening outside. You know the type, the sudden summer storm with sideways blowing rain and vicious thunder and lightning. Like any summer storm I figure this will soon blow over and I aimed my full cart for the slowest cashier (like I said, I've been going to this store for years and I know the best and worst cashiers). I figured this would buy me some time to allow the storm to pass. Many of you may know that I like to plan ahead in general (including summer thunderstorms) so I have a mini umbrellas stashed in my car, gym bag, golf bag and everyday purse. And then it hit me, my everyday purse was at home! I had switched it out for a very small purse that I can easily tuck into my reusable grocery bags when I complete my shopping and have to climb my 3 flights of stairs to the condo. Oh well, it should let up soon, right? Wrong.

After standing outside for 10 minutes my fear of losing Matt's variety pack of Sugar Free Popsicles starts to wear on me. I'll make a run for it. So what if I'm the only one out of these 15 people standing around who decides to go for it, they are obviously wimps. Wrong. They are obviously smart. I close my reusable grocery bags as best I can and sprint into the parking lot, more like a wading pool at this point ('s August so I'm wearing my new black Rainbow flip flops, not the best for high stepping parking lot puddles). I could feel the eyes of my fellow shoppers on my back snickering and thinking "this chick is crazy". Within 5 strides I am soaking wet, like I jumped in a pool fully clothed.

I make it to my car, did I mention it is lunch hour and therefore the only spot I could find was in the back of the lot? I pop the trunk and start throwing bags in, eggs and bread be damned. Then I actually ran the cart across the aisle to the cart catcher instead of abandoning it in either of the now empty spots next to my car (I am a good Safeway patron after all), jump in and put the key in the ignition. It was at this point I realized just how soaked I was. I started to worry that my "condition" may ruin my seats and remembered the fresh roll of paper towels in my trunk.

My Dad instilled in me to always have a supply of necessary car items in a milk crate in your trunk. This includes: paper towels, jumper cables, tire pressure gauge, wiper fluid, anti-freeze, Q-Tips (for cleaning those tight spots next to the gear shift) and most importantly, Armor All (right Dad?). I proceeded to crawl to my back seat (did I mention I drive a Honda Accord 2-Door Coupe?) and open the back to reach into the trunk to grab the aforementioned paper towels. Now dry and with my drivers seat fully covered in paper towels I'm ready to head home.

I call Matt on my way home to tell him about my adventures and he mentions he may be able to get out of work early and head home but he's not quite sure yet what time, OK, sounds good, then I proceed to call my Dad and thank him for training me well. I get home, still raining cats and dogs, pull up next to the door, jump back into the pool, unload all the bags and park the car. I am again soaked, I've given up at this point. After hauling the first load of groceries to the 3rd floor I come back down to grab the final bag and gallon of milk, who do I see walking up towards the building but Matt, completely dry with his huge golf umbrella protecting him and half of Gaithersburg. Where was he 5 minutes ago?!?! By this point all I could do was laugh, especially when I noticed that my new black Rainbow flip flops have now left a dark black V mark on the top of my foot.

As I washed off in the shower it hit me, how did I not take a picture of myself for the blog??? So as a poor substitute I took a picture of my clothes drying out over the shower and my reusable grocery bags hanging in the kitchen.

Hopefully tomorrow will be drier, especially since we have our first Redskins pre-season game. More to come on that!



L. Blackwell Photography said...

Oh how I miss you! But you should have let the popsicles taken one for the team and waited out the storm. come to think of it I probably would have done the exact same thing minus the clever use of paper towels :)

Megan P said...

I love that at the same time this was happening, I was in the middle of a pedicure with a woman who spoke NO English when I realized I didn't have my wallet and contemplating not only how I was going to pay her, but also how I was going to walk the 6 blocks back to my office in the pouring rain with the sandals I stole from my employee. what a day.

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