Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Dinner with Friends

Last night I met Megan for dinner in Silver Spring at one of our new favorite restaurants, Olazzo (www.olazzo.com). It's cute, Italian and Monday nights are 1/2 price bottles of wine, what more do you need in a restaurant? Having dinner with girlfriends really reminds me how important friends are. No matter how fantastic your significant is nothing takes the place of a good girlfriend. Thanks again Megan, it made my week (thanks especially for the Lilly)! :)



Holly said...

Hey Natalie!! I am so glad that you have a blog....I will look forward to keeping up with you and Matt and Peanut (of course).

Matt said...

Whoa. You can comment on here too huh. Hmmm maybe I need to get one of these things. I got alot to say :)

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