Saturday, August 22, 2009

Another Redskins Season Begins... Sort Of.

For those of you who don't know, Matt has season tickets to the Washington Redskins games and this Saturday was our first game of the season. Now, it was a pre-season game which we usually watch from the comfort of our living room but this year a new parking arrangement goes into effect and we decided a pre-season game would be the perfect opportunity to check it out. E and Trey came up from Richmond and we headed East on I-495.

We must be boring Trey.

As some of you may be aware it was not perfect football weather on Saturday here on the east coast. August is prime thunderstorm season and the weather was true to form. When we arrived at the new Grey Lot we held out hope that maybe, just maybe, those dark clouds in the distance were moving away from us. Not so.

E refuses to give into the dark sky.

About 3 minutes after we parked the truck in the new half gravel half grass/hay/mud lot we are warned by a parking attendant that thunderstorms are in the area and we may want to hold off on unloading our tailgating gear. Good thinking.

The storm begins.

But some people did not listen to the warning and continued to set up and actually sit down in the rain (remember I'm an indoor girl so this was completely bizarre to me).

I guess they think those bucket hats are going to keep them dry.

We, on the other hand, were going to stay dry as long as possible.

You would think that sitting in a car at a tailgate in the pouring down rain complete with thunder and lightning wouldn't be all that entertaining but let me tell you, the people watching was world class. This couple in front of our truck arrived late to the scene when the storm was in full effect but decided to pull out the brand spanking new Redskins grill anyway. Needless to say they had difficulties trying to light the grill and as this was obviously a new grill, I believe this "Grill Master" was really more of "Grill Novice". Bad for him, completely entertaining for us.

#47 is a helpful fellow tailgater that had the world's biggest container of lighter fluid.

See the flames?!?! See the highly flammable materials hovering just over the flames?!?! He promptly covered the grill extinguishing what took 30 minutes to light. Again, I'm thinking more of a novice. This pattern continued for another 30 minutes until they finally got the grill going after over an hour of trying. At least they're persistent.

We decided to check the weather satellite application on Matt's phone. This does not look promising.

And we bailed.

Much better.

I guess the bright side is the Redskins "won" the "game", the dark side would be that our starting quarterback was 1 for 7. Just a typical start to another Redskins season. ;)


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Anonymous said...

Note that your page now comes up when you Google for people complaining about the Redskins Grey Lot :-) My tix went unused this week but we will join you in the Mud Bog traffic hell soon enough.

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